Reflexical Pvt. Ltd brought together who’s-who of the Web3 community

March 2, 2023

Mr Ajeet Khurana, Founder and CEO of Reflexical Pvt Lte held a high value Web3 meet up at a CoWorking centre in Mumbai last month. The meetup was attended by a curated list of Startup founders, investors and ecosystem players. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the current state of Web3 and what lies ahead from an adoption and regulatory perspective and also for the purpose of open and progressive discussion and to have a networking session for all the attendees to meet fellow founders, investors and ecosystem players to also explore mutually beneficial relationships.


Reflexical, which is an advisory firm that helps startups and founders scale and grow. Reflexical’s flagship product is its Fellowship Program that could be called an “accelerator.” But the path it has taken to scale up is unique, and gives it an unfair advantage. This is because Ajeet has brought together the who’s-who of the Web3 community to create a powerhouse that will lead promising startups to become leaders.

Reflexical has attracted investments from OGs, founders and CEOs of organizations such as Woodstock Capital, CoinDCX, WazirX, Zebpay, and VCs such as AngelList Quant Fund, CryptoHedge NY, Amesten Capital and others.

Some of the attendees of the meeting were Sanmati from Growfitter, Vijay Jumani from Intrxn, Investor Pranav Khanna and 20+ other budding entrepreneurs.

Open meetings like these are highly beneficial to grow individually for all the attendees and also helps cumulative and progressive thoughts to move the ecosystem forward. Reflexical has plans to organise such curated and high value meetings globally with a keen interest to hold one at DAVOS along with the World Economic Forum which is an event that has experienced growing interest and participation from Web3 to climate change power houses.

Quotes from Vijay Jumani, Pranav Khanna, Ajeet Khurana

Ajeet Khurana, Founder at Reflexical ” To move the Web3 paradigm forward, one of the most important yet steps is to separate the noise from the signal. Lots of opportunists and self-styled gurus have jumped into the Web3 space as they think of it as an avenue for quick money. But, luckily, there are many real builders. And this meeting was for them. Was humbled and privilege to be part of it. Here’s looking forward to many more.”

Vijay Jumani, Founder at Intrxn ” It was a day very well spent at the Reflexical meetup in Mumbai. Got to interact with folks working on some very exciting projects in the Web3 space. Clearly there is tremendous conviction among the founder community with what the future holds for the Blockchain space, and we at intrXn are really looking forward to working with Ajeet and the Reflexical team.”

Shubham Sharma, Founder at Kapow ” Meeting founders from web3 space and getting to know their journeys into this space was a unique experience. You could feel a spirit of community instead of competition. A sense of purpose and an excitement to envision and create the future pervaded the room. “


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