NewsReach and iZooto Team Up to Educate Publishers on Revenue Opportunities and Self-Sustainability.

April 26, 2023

NewsReach, India’s leading sponsored content marketplace, has announced their partnership with iZooto – the world’s largest publisher audience marketing platform. With this partnership, publishers across the NewsReach network will be able to tap into iZooto’s audience marketing capabilities and drive both engagement and retention. 


NewsReach plays a crucial role in enabling the local publishing industry by providing a platform for rural and semi-urban content providers to establish their digital presence. NewsReach’s Sponsored Content Marketplace facilitates connecting publishers, creators, and advertisers while also enabling original content licensing. NewsReach has launched the Local News Community Program (LNCP), which now has a community of over 1,000 journalists and publications. “Hyperlocal publications are the new leaders in making the news industry. With their vernacular language content, they have a wider reach to the locals with greater impact. This collaboration will give them a new perspective to explore push notifications and how to keep their readers engaged on their platform. The mission is to empower publications by educating them about various revenue opportunities and helping the publication to be self-sustainable,” says Darshan Shah, CEO at NewsReach.



iZooto, an audience marketing platform, helps publishers with audience development, engagement and monetization. Over 15,000 publishers use iZooto to send web push notifications, Messenger push notifications, and mobile app notifications to send over 200B notifications monthly. Publishers leverage these channels to set their audience flywheel in motion and, over time reduce their dependence on walled gardens. “We are thrilled to collaborate with NewsReach and offer our expertise in audience engagement to help local and regional publishers build a loyal and engaged audience. With our combined efforts, we aim to empower publishers by globalising their reach and monetize their content,” says Vivek Khandelwal, Founder at iZooto. “The collaboration with NewsReach will help publishers globalize their reach and monetize their content,” added Vivek.


To help publishers build their audience engagement strategy, NewsReach and iZooto also conduct a webinar on 5th May, 2023, at 5:00 PM. This webinar promises to offer local and regional publications innovative solutions and a fresh perspective on building, engaging, and retaining their readership effectively. Aptly titled ‘The Ultimate Audience Engagement Playbook for Local Publishers’, this webinar is set to provide valuable insights and strategies for local publishers looking to enhance their audience engagement strategies.


Publishers can follow this link to register for the webinar on 5th May, 2023. 


About NewsReach

NewsReach is disrupting the traditional publishing landscape by empowering small-town publishers and content creators to share their stories with the world revolutionarily. Through their innovative Sponsored Content Marketplace, NewsReach offers a unique opportunity for advertisers to collaborate with local publishers and original license content, creating a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

Under their Local News Community Program (LNCP), NewsReach has successfully built a network of over 1000+ publishers, with a combined reach of 100 million+ readers. This network includes leading publications from Tier 1 cities like Business Standard, ANI, Hindustan Times, and The Print, as well as hyper-local publishers from Tier 2, 3 & 4 cities. NewsReach’s Distribution Network spans various tiers of cities, creating a diverse and inclusive platform for publishers to showcase their content and reach a wide audience.


About iZooto

iZooto is a cutting-edge audience engagement platform that provides publishers, news websites, and bloggers with a comprehensive set of tools to build, engage, and retain their audience. With features such as web push notifications, app push notifications, Messenger push notifications, News Hub for publishers, and the ability to convert AMP site visitors into loyal readers, iZooto offers a versatile and powerful solution for audience engagement.

With a user base of over 15,000 publishers who collectively send out more than 200 billion notifications every month, iZooto has become a trusted choice for leading brands such as Times, Publisher Desk, Network 18, Summit Media, Khaleej Times, Mubasher, and Sanook. Through iZooto’s platform, publishers can not only engage with their audience but also generate incremental revenue by pushing targeted ads to their audience.




NewsReach contact:

Name: Shubham Jain

Organization: Vyomeen Media Pvt. Ltd.

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iZooto Contact:

Name: Pravya Pravin

Organization: Datability Solutions

[email protected]

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