Meetali Subhash and Jitendra Singh will be seen in Rajnikanth’s upcoming Film THALAIVAR 171

December 8, 2023

Hey, all you Rajnikanth enthusiasts out there! Brace yourselves for an exciting revelation about Thalaivar 171’s plot – it’s getting a fresh infusion of talent. Meetali Subhash is stepping into the shoes of Naina, playing Rajnikanth’s daughter, while Jitendra Singh gears up for a significant role as a villain, joining hands with Raghava Lawrence in this epic Thalaivar journey .

Let’s cheer for Meetali Subhash, an emerging talent finally making her big-screen debut! She’ s set to portray Naina, the daughter of none other than Rajnikanth, in Thalaivar 171 . This film marks her grand entry into the world of cinema, adding a new dimension to Rajnikanth and Raghava Lawrence’s mission of conquering hearts worldwide.

THALAIVAR 171 narrates Rajnikanth’s saga, teaming up with his former R&AW squad to combat drug issues in India. The suspense lingers: will Meetali Subhash portray Naina as Rajnikanth’s biological daughter or as an adopted one? Either way, buckle up for a rollercoaster storyline bound to boggle your mind .

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Stay tuned , fellow fans! THALAIVAR 171’s cast addition of Meetali Subhash and Jitendra Singh is poised to add an intriguing layer to Rajnikanth’s monumental journey. Let’s revel in the anticipation, as the plot thickens and the excitement skyrockets for this film that promises to enthrall and captivate audiences worldwide .

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