Lalit Modi’s Family Feud Gets Interesting

April 18, 2023

Lalit Kumar Modi is a prominent Indian businessman who is known for his role in the creation of the Indian Premier League (IPL), a professional Twenty20 cricket league in India. He has been embroiled in a long-standing feud with his mother, Bina Modi, over several issues.

The dispute between Lalit Modi and his mother came to the public eye in 2019, when Bina Modi filed a case against her son in the Bombay High Court. She accused him of mismanaging the family’s assets and attempting to take control of the Modi Enterprises group, which is worth billions of dollars and has interests in a wide range of industries, including chemicals, fashion, and real estate.

In her petition, Bina Modi alleged that Lalit Modi had illegally transferred shares of various companies to his own name, without her consent or knowledge. She also accused him of using his influence to intimidate her and other family members, and of interfering in the day-to-day operations of the family businesses.

Lalit Modi denied the allegations and claimed that his mother was being misled by other family members who were jealous of his success. He filed a counter-petition, accusing his mother of trying to oust him from the family businesses and of spreading false rumours about him in the media.

The legal battle between Lalit Modi and his mother is ongoing, with both sides making multiple appearances in court over the past few years. The case has also generated a lot of media attention, with many commentators speculating about the underlying reasons for the family feud.

Some observers have suggested that the conflict between Lalit Modi and his mother is part of a broader power struggle within the Modi family, which has a history of internal disputes and infighting. Others have pointed to Lalit Modi’s controversial business practices and his involvement in several high-profile scandals as potential factors behind the family conflict.

Regardless of the reasons for the dispute, the ongoing legal battle between Lalit Modi and his mother is a reminder of the complexities of family business and the challenges that can arise when personal relationships are intertwined with corporate interests.

The dispute between Bina Modi and Lalit Modi dates to 2016, when Lalit Modi was removed as the head of the Godfrey Phillips India Ltd, a company controlled by the Modi family. Lalit Modi was accused of financial irregularities, a charge that he vehemently denied.

After his removal, Lalit Modi launched a series of legal battles against the Modi family, alleging that he was unfairly treated and that the family was trying to take control of his assets. He claimed that he was the rightful owner of many of the family businesses and that he had been instrumental in building them up.

The legal battles between Lalit Modi and the Modi family have been bitter and protracted, with both sides accusing each other of wrongdoing. The cases have involved multiple court appearances and hearings, with no resolution in sight.

In her petition, Bina Modi accused Lalit Modi of using his influence to siphon off money from the family businesses and of taking control of their assets without her consent. She also alleged that he had harassed her and other family members, and that he had tried to intimidate them into signing over their assets to him.

Lalit Modi, for his part, denied the allegations and claimed that he was the victim of a conspiracy by his mother and other family members who were jealous of his success. He alleged that they had launched a campaign against him to tarnish his reputation and to take control of his assets.

It is believed that Bina Modi has now offered an olive branch to her son.

A family member, speaking on the condition of the anonymity, said that the mother has offered Rs 10,000 crores to buy out Lalit Modi’s shares. As a counter offer Lalit Modi has offered Rs 30,000 crores to buy out his mother’s shares. 

Lalit Modi now lives in the poshest area of London in a house which was previously rented by the Prime Minister of Qatar.

Sources close to Lalit Modi said: “Lalit is fighting for what is right for the MODI group. His house has seven floors and he has a fleet of cars ranging from Ferraris to range rovers’ et Al.” 


The feud between Lalit Modi and his mother has had wider implications for the Modi family and their business interests. The family’s reputation has been tarnished by the public spat, and there have been concerns that the conflict could have a negative impact on the family’s businesses.

The ongoing legal battles have also put a strain on the Modi family’s finances, with both sides spending significant amounts of money on legal fees and court costs. It remains to be seen how the dispute will be resolved, and whether the family will be able to reconcile their differences and move on from the bitter feud.

Apart from the legal battles and the accusations of financial irregularities and intimidation, the dispute between Bina and Lalit Modi has also involved several personal attacks and mudslinging.

In a series of tweets in 2018, Lalit Modi accused his mother of being involved in a plot to kill him and of stealing his assets. He also alleged that she was working with his uncle, KK Modi, to destroy his reputation and to take control of his businesses.

Bina Modi responded by issuing a statement, in which she accused her son of making baseless allegations and of trying to create a media spectacle. 

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