Know why is not technically free internet?

November 18, 2021
free internet

Though a lot of our society is happy with the idea that the internet is free for everyone, it is actually not free. Industrial giants have to invest a lot of capital just to keep up with the technology and they have to sell advertising space on their products to be able to afford development. In fact, these industrial giants are one of the main sources of traffic on the internet.

Internet is not technically free because internet providers charge users to access the internet. Still, if you are a heavy user of the internet, you may be able to find a cheaper alternative for your internet access. A free internet will most likely not be available in our lifetime, but this blog will help guide you on how to save money on your internet use.

Content creators on the internet are not always treated fairly. Some companies that create content monopolize on their platform by charging for subscriptions or ads, thus limiting their market to only those who can afford it. The term “free Internet” has some truth to it but it’s not technically free because there are many websites looking for ways to make money off of what they provide.

Unfortunately, there are many things that have to be paid for online. Services like Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, and other services are all available for free to use, but some of these companies charge a monthly or annual fee. This includes using the internet through your phone company instead of satellite service through your provider.

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A lot of people believe that the internet is a free platform. They think you can access anything on it for absolutely no cost because you are not paying any money at all. This is not true. The internet is not technically free and there are a lot of companies that charge different prices for different items from streaming music to downloading apps.

free internet

The internet is considered free at its core, however many companies are willing to pay for the internet speeds. It’s not technically free because there are costs involved in maintaining the service. These costs include the cost of hardware, software, labor, and services. With that said, it is still possible you pay less than you would if you only paid for the internet connection.

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