Deep Griha Academy Celebrates Scholar’s Showcase Event Focused on Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education

December 21, 2023

Deulgaon Gada, Pune – December 19, 2023

In a milestone celebration, Deep Griha Academy (DGA), situated in Deulgaon Gada, Pune, marked its Scholar’s Showcase event on December 19, 2023. This event was themed around Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4): Quality Education, reflecting the commitment of DGA to providing English medium quality education to the local community.

Four Pillars of Deep Griha Academy

Deep Griha Academy stands on four pillars, each contributing to a holistic and inclusive educational experience:

English Medium Quality Education: DGA takes pride in being the first school in the region to provide English medium quality education, opening doors for students to a broader spectrum of opportunities.

Organic Agri Practices: Emphasizing sustainable living, DGA integrates organic agricultural practices into its curriculum, instilling a sense of environmental responsibility among its students.

Vocational Studies: DGA recognizes the importance of practical skills and vocational studies, preparing students for real-world challenges and diverse career paths.

Healthcare: The well-being of students is a top priority, and DGA ensures access to healthcare facilities to promote a healthy learning environment.

Scholar’s Showcase Event – SDG4: Quality Education

The Scholar’s Showcase event on December 19 was a culmination of the academy’s dedication to quality education and the United Nations’ SDG4. Students presented a diverse array of performances, spanning community outreach, environmental awareness, performing arts, agriculture, vocational studies, mathematics, science, and literature.

Deep Griha Academy took this opportunity to create awareness about the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals, with a particular focus on Quality Education. The event aimed to instill a sense of responsibility and sustainability within the rural community.

Distinguished Guests from Maha FPC Company

The event was graced by esteemed guests, Prashant Pawar (Manager) and Rahul Godse (Regional Manager) from Maha FPC Company, an apex organization of farmer producer companies. Their presence added a significant dimension to the celebration.

Felicitations by Director Ms. Ashlesha Onawale

Ms. Ashlesha Onawale, the Director of Deep Griha Society, felicitated the guests for their contribution to the community and acknowledged their support in furthering the goals of DGA.

Deep Griha Academy, through events like the Scholar’s Showcase, remains committed to fostering a culture of access, exposure, and collaboration, ensuring that students are well-equipped to contribute meaningfully to society while advancing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

As Deep Griha Academy continues to make strides in education, agriculture, vocational studies, and healthcare, it stands as a beacon of hope for sustainable development in the heart of Deulgaon Gada, Pune.

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