Being Nobody to Cricket Stardom: An Inspirational Journey, Quotes Gopal Dash Baghel.

May 29, 2023

Gopal Dash Baghel, Founder of CSPL (Council of college Sports premier league in India) says, the performing cricketers in the ongoing IPL session are the risen phoenix from being Nobody to cricket stardom. His approach is to diversify the sports industry by conducting league matches and uplifting the real talent from Indian soil. His NGO is operational at the college level, and so far, it has conducted several league matches across different corners of India. The NGO owes value by supporting the verticals of Education and sports simultaneously. Gopal Dash Baghel is known as a strong personality for sports Management and leadership skills. He has engrossed his long life in the community serving for the betterment of the industry. 


Most of us have heard the story of rags to riches. Few journeys are so inspirational that it is even worth counting. Here is the story of Yashasvi Jaiswal, the IPL-2023 Born Hero. Jaiswal was just 11 years old when he left his home and travelled to Mumbai. He lived in tents at Azad Maidan and had to sell Pani-puri to earn his living. Look at him today when he smashed 122 off 62 balls, it looks like he is playing similarly to his childhood days. Where he knocked 16 fours and 8 sixes to snatch the glory. Yashasvi was so confident and heroic since his childhood days of playing cricket. Even Sachin Tendulkar was clapping when Yashasvi Jaiswal notched his maiden century in the ongoing IPL. Jwala Singh, his Coach stated being proud after the maiden century against such a powerful team MI (Mumbai Indians). We strongly remember when Yashashvi made their debut in 2020 as part of Rajasthan Royal. And currently, he is in the run for orange Cap holder in an ongoing session of IPL.

IPL has always been a game-changer for many domestic players. Who’s not aware of Uttar Pradesh’s cricket star, Rinku Singh, while proving his potential in the last session with KKR? Even after jumping into the professional career of cricket, the stardom of Rinku Singh went unnoticed. Even after the regular performance in the Uttar Pradesh Cricket team. The 2023 IPL session went as a turning point for Rinku Singh as a leading run scorer for KKR. The slow yet satisfying journey of Rinku Singh is admirable and inspiring. Out of several challenges in his life, his family stood with him in all his struggles. His father always pushed him for a job, whereas his mother supported him in several instances. This was not it, his brother started working for a coaching centre. Finally, he got a job where he had to clean everything before the one gets up. It was equal to being a cleaner, which he never liked and left. After having such a challenge, longing for glory in IPL was a real victory for him.

We solve the Gap:

When it comes to cricket in India, Cricket is the heart of millions of people. On the edge of the seats of the street idolizing cricket matches, everyone around us grew up. But the Emergence of College Sports Premier League like CSPL (Council of College Sports Premier League in India) is changing the face of the game in India. A platform where the real talent of India like Rinku Singh and Yashashvi Jaiswal could show their skill. And could get recognition earlier. These leagues are coming up with a crucial stepping stone. College Sports premier league has a large contribution to making the one. Conducting league matches at the college level doesn’t only showcase their skill but also helps in pursuing cricketing dreams. In a country like India where having a dream as a cricketer is dropped due to the pressure of getting a job, Low infrastructure and less opportunity at a lower level. 


How CSPL is Supporting the young talents in India?

1.      Creating Immense opportunities

The college leagues are grooming grounds for young talents, especially those who do not have reach to cricket academies and Infrastructures. And even it takes years for a league like IPL to have such talent. The CSPL builds an opportunity by participating in league matches. In return, it gives them valuable experience and refine their skills. 

2.      Exposure and Recognition

Participating in college-based leagues gives a wider audience that includes scouts, talent spotters, and cricket enthusiasts. The matches are well attended and the media house keeps a check on such emerging talents. This helps players in gaining recognition and also builds chances in sponsorship, scholarships and other various forms of support. 

3.      Balancing Academics and Sports

One of the most adaptive advantages is that the college premier league helps in balancing sports and academics. The leagues encourage students to participate equally in sports and classrooms. We emphasize the importance of Education alongside also helps in the pursuit of sports. This will always keep the chain of professionalism above the bar and help the students in pursuing their dream.

Having such an initiative by Gopal Dash Baghel has proved it as a conquered milestone. CSPL programs several events at lower levels where it becomes tough for the national authority to reach. The change in revolutionizing the cricketing industry will stand as an example. The co-relation of academics and sports will keep professionalism and would seek head-hunts for cricket lovers. Indeed, in the coming future, cricket enthusiasts are going to witness more such talents. 

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